New Year 2018 started!

We would like to thank all our customers and partners for the cooperation during past year and we wish all the best for the New Year!
Samesor will have a very busy year 2018. We will deliver numerous Metal Roof Tile production lines by the first half or the year. Our machines are already known for the quality, reliability and efficiency for decades and these new machines will also include some brand new technical features.

During year 2017 we launched successfully a new member for our prefabricated steel framing lines product family: Prefab Dynamic. Ultimate versatility and flexibility but yet affordable way to produce Prefabricated C-studs & U-tracks to floor, wall and roof constructions. Within this business Prefab Dynamic has been widely welcomed by the customers. Further new applications for purlin production will be realized during this year and the next generation of Prefab machines is under the development.

Multiple development projects for new façade products and roofing profiles are about to be ready and their realizations will happen during this year. New mechanical as well as automation features, e.g. exploiting IoT-possibilities, will be available more widely for our upcoming machines.

Efforts on our services have expanded our ways to help and support our customers. To keep customers’ business rolling we have the unique repertoire of services including maintenance, upgrades, remote support, spare parts, tool reconditioning, training, end product designs and optional devices. More new services and devices will be launched during the year 2018.

All these actions highlight Samesor’s target to be a forerunner in providing the best  machinery and services for the global sheet metal industry.

Jarmo Airaksinen

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